ILVES – HIFK pre-match

The best game I’ve ever seen was when we went on a Mega-matka to Helsinki, I think it was January 23rd 2009, my first away hockey game.

First period we got destroyed 3-0, IFK were playing so well and we weren’t playing good at all, and just as the buzzer went for the end of the period Matt Nickerson went over to the ref and started shouting at him and the ref gave him a 2min penalty, so if 3-0 wasn’t bad enough we were now facing a powerplay for 2 minutes.

I don’t know what was said in the dressing room but in the 2nd and 3rd period Ilves were playing like champions and we completly turned the game around and won 6-4, best game I’ve ever seen and the best turn around as well.

Another good memory of this fixture was in 2008 at Hakametsä when HIFK came here with a lot of fans one saturday, I was still new to the sport and it was only my 8th or 9th game, so I was surprised to see so many away fans, they came in as soon as the doors opened and took over the bar underneath D1 katsomo and all you could hear was IFK IFK IFK from their fans who had been drinking all day.

I expected the away team to have a better advantage with this kind of support at an away game, but The Ilves at home that season was close to unbeatable, we won 5-1 and the noise was all coming from us at the end of the game.

A win tonight and we jump back ahead of SaiPa, a loss and HIFK jump ahead of us.  We must take some points tonight, hopefully all 3 and also would be good to see TPS and HPK lose tonight as well.


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