Tappara *5-4 Ilves VL

We stay in 13th place tonight picking up 1 point in a disappointing game against Tappara.

First period and we score in the 2nd minute of the game and things look great, then the first penalty we take, Tappara score and then shortly after Tappara score again as we lost the first period 2-1.

Niinimäki scored the only goal of the 2nd period and then in the Third he assisted Koistinen and then Rajala to give us a 4-2 lead, a lead that we surrendered right at the end of the game with Palola scoring in the 58th minute and Leimu 30 seconds later.

So Niinimäki’s amazing 4 point game counted for nothing as weak defending sent it to jatko aika where we survived to take it to the Shoot-Out.  Where Tappara scored on their 3rd attempt to win the Shoot-out and the game 5-4.

Yet again we have played Tappara and been 2 goals up on them only to let them back in at the end of the game, hard to take, when we looked sure to take all 3 points and end up with only 1.  KalPa are next on Thursday, not the easiest team to play against and with us having played more games that the teams around us we could find ourselves bottom before too long. Sad but true, these were 2 points we should not have let go.

Video highlights to follow later.


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