Ilves vs Tappara double header preview

Tonight Ilves play at home to our city rivals Tappara before 24 hours later being back in Hakametsä to play again as a Tappara home game.  Extremely important games, infact we play THREE of our next four games vs Tappara.  If we win these two back to back games tonight and tomorrow we will go up to 47 points, but if we lose we will be looking at most probably finishing 14th with HPK above us having 3 games in hand.  Also two wins could push Tappara up to a possible 9th place, so they will be more than a little hungry for points.

Who would have thought after game day one and our amazing 8-7 win vs our neighbors that we would be bottom of the league, where did all the goals go, it is a perfect time to start to find form again and rediscover winning ways.  We have amazingly only won 8 games all season, two of them came in the first two games of the season, then we hit a great run of form in November but a disappointing December has put us right back down the liiga table.

We play Tappara 4 times before the end of the season, SaiPa once and HPK twice so we still have plenty of opportunity to get off the bottom of the table and beat those teams around us.  Starting tonight!  Let’s make porkkanalaatikko out of Tappara!


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