Ilves 3-4 JYP

But let’s not focus on that game, it’s all about the Mestis now and making sure we don’t go there!

I actually fear for this Mestis play-off now, I’m sure we have a team capable of beating the Mestis Champions but even being in this situation is scary, Ilves without the SM-Liiga just doesn’t feel possible.  Jokipojat and Sport are probably going to meet in the Mestis final, I’ve no idea which we would be better playing against…

Also our farm team LeKi lost it’s play-off with Peliitat so we could lose them from the Mestis next season, there isn’t much good news right now. I’d like someone to Re-assure me that we will survive this, but I’m not sure anyone can safely say we shouldn’t be worried.

Jukurit 2-4 Jokipojat

KooKoo 2-3 Sport ja

Ilves play Lukko in Rauma tomorrow, we still are sitting on 9 wins this season, it would be nice to reach double figures in these last 5 games.


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