Ilves 6-1 Sport

IPA Dominate Sport

For a month now I’ve been dreading this relegation play-off series, I was speaking to a Sport fan I’m friends with on my Twitter account today and he was telling me that he was on his way to Hakametsä with 2000 – 3000 fans, I knew the Red Army were dedicated fans but I found that hard to believe at first, but all credit to them, they really came out in their numbers.

Joonas Rask took a penalty after 3 minutes and the nerves started to feel bad, but then we scored two goals in less than a minute when firstly Teemu Kesä (Rajala, Peltola) and then Masi Marjamäki (Bäckström) made all our nerves go away, the perfect start to such an important game.

At 10:18 Sport player Erik Riska was sent to the penalty box and in just ten seconds of the power play Masi Marjamäki ( Rajala, Rask) scored his second and the game was looking over already! Puurula was replaced by Laitinen in Sports goal straight after.  Six minutes later Marjamäki (Peltola, Rask) scored again!! and it was another powerplay goal and we were 4-0 up before the first period was over.

It then got even better Sport took another penalty and yes, that man Masi Marjamäki added to his hat-trick to score his fourth of the night and once again was assisted by Toni Rajala and Niko Peltola.  That was how the first period ended and the huge away support were left stunned.  The second period didn’t start off as well, Ilves took a series of penalties but we did manage to add a sixth goal through Kai Kantola (Arto Tukio).

Into the third period and we were once again taking lots and lots of penalties, Sport eventually scored 2 minutes before the end of the game as it ended 6-1 and our Ilves continued our excellent winning streak and kept the momentum going, Although we took something like 23 minutes worth of penalties tonight which is as good as playing a period with 4 men on the ice!  We must stay out of the box in this series.

Marjamäki, Rajala, Rask and Peltola were absolutely excellent tonight!  Also Wiikman did his job very well too, lets keep this going when we travel on Tuesday



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