Ilves 4-0 Sport – Ilves Still in SM-Liiga

Well that is it, I started this blog last summer and have commented on each and every game we’ve played, it’s been a very poor season from us but we’ve still had plenty of high points, beating Tappara 8-7 in the opening game was just amazing.  I’m gonna keep this blog up and continue to talk about all things Ilves, possibly even our football team which is looking for promotion this year!  Also our Futsal team which is in the final!

As for our 4-0 game, I watched it on MestisTV, which was quite a good service.  We played well and Toskala was a brick wall in goal for us, amazing stuff, I hope we can bring in some more really good players in the summer, we need to try and rebuild much like Pelicans have, 365 days ago they were in their own Mestis play-off fighting for survival and now look at them, finished 2nd in the league and are currently the favourites to get their first championship as “Pelicans”.

Sport were very good and their fans are absolutely fantastic, I’m not sure if any SM-Liiga team could match them for effort, especially if they too were in Mestis.  I hope one day they do come up, but not at our expense.  Sport could bring a lot to SM-Liiga and it would be nice to see a change amongst the 14 and give players/fans a new game on the calendar to get excited about and a new place to visit on a drunk fanimatka.

Thanks to everyone who has bothered to visit my blog over the season!


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  1. Came across this blog a while ago. I really like it and have read it since then, despite the fact that it’s about the games of Ilves. 😉
    Not sure if I’ll read over summer time about the other sports but clearly again in autumn about the hockey games… Keep it up!

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