Tappara 4-2 Ilves

Tampere Derby Disaster.

The game started the same traditional way Ilves always seem to start their games, by conceding an early goal, the only difference in this game was that we were actually on the powerplay this time and Jarkko Malinen scored for Tappara shorthanded.  We then went on to take two penalties Koistinen and Tukio both going to the box within 10 seconds of each other, Tappara capitalised and scored on the 5 on 3 and the impressive Barkov claimed another assist to set up Teemu Aalto.

The second period started with us scoring a powerplay goal, Ville Korhonen (Kiviäki, Kangasniemi) got us back into the game. Just one minute later Jarno Koskiranta scored Tappara’s third goal of the game and it was starting to look pretty bad for Ilves although with just 10 seconds left of the period Ville Koistinen (Kantola, Marjamäki) gave us some hope.

The third period was a fairly tame one with no penalties and just the one goal, going to Tappara 4 minutes after the start of the period, Barkov scoring and showing why he is wearing the golden helmet.

Tuokkola 7+13+7=27 Kolppanen 10+6+10=26

Another derby loss but we played better than in the opening 1-7 game, perhaps if we had scored on the first powerplay instead of letting in a shorthanded goal we might have gone on to do better. Next up for us is a trip to Lapeenranta on Tuesday evening, SaiPa have been amazing this season but have stuttered a bit recently and have let go of the top spot in the league table, they are strong defensively as well as being able to score good goals, it won’t be easy, I’d be happy to take any amount of points we can get and keep ourselves in the “play-off section” of the table.

I’ve been making some minor changes to this blog, more coming soon. Highlights video below.


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