Ilves 4-3 SaiPa (JA)

October started with an overtime win!

We once again started yet another game by losing the opening goal within two minutes, Jekimoves scoring the goal at 1:28.  It didn’t last long however, Jere Pulli took a minor penalty and Ilves capitalised on the powerplay and it was Masi Marjamäki once again assisted by Koistinen and Jokipakka. 4 minutes later it was Jyrki Jokipakka who scored this time (Kivimäki, Korhonen).  A 2-1 lead that lasted 62 seconds when Jesper Piitulainen levelled for the visitors and it got worse for Ilves when Tommi Jokinen scored on the penalty just before the end of the period to make it 3-2 to SaiPa.

This is the third in a run of six home games for us (technically our Tappara game last Friday was away, but still in Hakametsä).  The second period was scoreless but SaiPa took 3 penalties which we could not score on and the period ended with Tommi Välimaa taking a 5+20 ending his game.

The third period started slowly and I was really wondering where our next goal was going to come from, 2 more powerplay chances came and went and still we needed one more goal. Into the last couple of minutes and we were really putting the pressure on SaiPa and then one last great chance as Lauri Taipalus puts the puck into the crowd from his own area giving us one more powerplay chance, 1 minute and 31 seconds left on the clock in Hakametsä and Miika Wiikman goes to the bench for the extra attacker, 6 on 4, then with just 32 seconds left Ville Koistinen scores a hugely important goal  Sointu and Jokipakka getting the assists and we go to jatkoaika!

61:15 and our long standing number 20 Ville Korhonen (assisted by Antti Kangasniemi) scores the goal to lift the roof off the Hakametsän Jäähalli and gives us two points to keep us in that Play-off pocket. The next three games are ALL home games and we need to make sure we take points in all of them to really push up this table, we left our push far too late this season, we should be playing every game like our season depends on it.

Miika Wiikman 7+11+6+0=24 Jani Nieminen 7+9+15+1=32

Next up is Kärpät on Thrusday night!


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