Ilves 4-3 Kärpät (JA)

Octoberfest continues

Game 4 of our 6 game home streak and it was us this time that started the game stronger scoring early on through Jyrki Jokipakka (Sointu) on the powerplay from a Huml penalty.  Kärpät only managed 9 shots on Wiikman in the opening period which apart from 5 penalties was fairly uneventful.

We started the second period with Mikael Kuronen taking a penalty and immediately we suffered from it with Haataja scoring for the Oulu side, 77 seconds later and it got much worse, 2-1 to Kärpät thanks to a goal by John Norman. We really needed to get back into it fast, Kärpät took 3 penalties in the next 7 minutes, none of which we could score on, then just before the end of the period Kai Kantola became the victim of Atte Ohtamaa, who took a 5+20 game penalty at 37:31.  The score remained 2-1 to the visitors going into the break.

The third period started disastrously with Mäntymaa making it 3-1 just 3 minutes after the restart and things were looking like we were going to lose this until once again Huml took another penalty, this time a 5 minute penalty and he was also given a game penalty and sent for an early shower. 8:27 left in the period needing two goals to draw level, and the puck would just not go in, until 4 minutes into the 5 min penalty Ville Korhonen (Kangasniemi, Kivimäki). With just 3:03 left in the period Kärpät handed us another golden opportunity when Jussi Jokinen took a penalty and Miika Wiikman left the goal for the extra attacker and just like SaiPa on Tuesday we had 6 on 4 with a minute left of the game. Then, Ville Koistinen! assisted by Jyrki Jokipakka netting and we go to jatkoaika.

With just 31 seconds left in Jatkoaika our hero once again is the long standing Ville Korhonen (Marjamäki, Jokipakka) giving us 2 points, things are starting to go our way again and I’ve got to say that Korhonen, Koistinen, Marjamäki and Jokipakka are performing consistently and Wiikman too, we move up to 11 points from 9 games.  Next game is once again at home vs HIFK on Saturday, get behind the team!

Wiikman 9+9+9+0=27 Karhunen 11+10+12+3=36


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