ILVES PROMOTED! Ilves 4-1 ÅIFK (5-1)

We’ve done it!

Ilves will be playing in Ykkönen division next season at last! After remaining undefeated at home all season and only losing once away from home, Ilves have ended the season with promotion after beating ÅIFK of Turku 1-0 in the first leg before destroying them today in Tampere 4-1.

The pressure and expectation was all on us before the game, but we managed to end any stress immediately, Olli Vakkala scoring after just 3 minutes! That extra goal meant that ÅIFK had to score at least twice, so they decided to go for it and Ilves punished them, Henri Scheweleff made the score 2-0 (3-0) with just 12 minutes on the clock, everyone could taste victory already!

All we needed to do now is just slow the game down and pass the ball around, we were playing against the clock now as much as ÅIFK, we were just far too good for our young opponents and it showed when once again Henri Scheweleff scored, 3-0 it was after 27 minutes and more importantly (4-0) in the tie overall and it stayed that way until Half Time.

6 Minutes after the restart and Ilves scored again, 4-0 (5-0 overall) The game was all but over already, ÅIFK were never looking like they could get back into this game, they now needed to score 5 goals in less than 40 minutes, the fans were celebrating promotion now. Ilves went on to have lots more chances but there were no more home goals in this, ÅIFK did manage to score 2 minutes before the end of the game but it didn’t matter. The final whistle went and we had a pitch invasion,  Ilves have been the best team in Kakkonen all season long, losing only once in 2012!

I will be commenting more on this tomorrow also will make a guide to Ykkönen 2013, there are only 2 teams that could still be relegated from Veikkausliiga and they are FF Jaro and our old rivals FC Haka, Haka are 3 points behind Jaro with a worse goal difference so it looks almost certain that they will be relegated to Ykkönen next season, I’ve been to their stadium as an away fan before, I’ll look to make the trip to Valkeakoski next season for sure!

Also a big congratulations to AC Kajaani who are also promoted to Ykkönen, we’ll look forward to meeting them next season.

Kiitos Ilves!

Yleisöä: 3841.


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