Ässät 6-1 Ilves

The complete opposite to the amazing win by Ilves football team earlier in the day, I’m sad to say that we are now bottom of SM-Liiga after TPS beat Tappara 3-1 in Turku today.

We started the game scoring early on Antti Kangasniemi (Jokipakka, Niinimäki) after 3:55 a lead which lasted until Savinainen scored 2 minutes later, it stayed 1-1 until the third period when we just got completely opened up by Ässät, Savinainen got a hat trick as well as goals from Ryan, Armia and Niemi.

Antti Raanta 10+7+8=25  Miika Wiikman 16+8+8=32

Best to put this game behind us and move onto our next away game which is on Tuesday against the newly improved TPS side, simple objective, win and we’re no longer bottom of the league, but if we lose then we are “rooted” to the bottom,  by up to 5 points behind 13th, scarilly similar of last season already, It’s awful to watch teams like Ässät, Pelicans, TPS, Lukko all get these NHL guys coming in to their first lines and with all due respect to the man, we get Danny Dries, a guy with a handful of AHL games.  We deserve more.


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  1. Now, seriously. Where’s the defenders? Poor WIikman doesn’t get much help in goal from them. I mean, 3 vs 1 at the 2-1 goal? Bad positioning on the sixth? No one takes care of the rebound on the third goal. They need to show some goddamn pride in that team, they can’t afford to play like last year.

    • Totally agree, Wiikman is trying, he made 32 saves, but when the defence leaves him open to more than one attacker he has no chance. The TPS game will be really important, we can’t afford to be 14th over and over.

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