[Futsal] Ilves 8-2 SoFo

Still undefeated Champions of Finland.

Ilves moved up to second in the league following a strong home win against SoFo. The game started badly after 5 minutes Benjamin Westö easily lifted the ball over our goalkeeper to put the team in green 1-0 up. Another five minutes go by and then SoFo double their lead, Vladislav Gusev completed a 1-2 pass with Juho Pettersson and Gusev from a narrow angle beat the keeper at the near post. Three minutes later Ilves finally score, Juha-Pekka Torvinen makes a perfect long pass to Antti Teittinen who headed from the edge of the area over the keeper and into the net.

Into the second half we wasted no time scoring immediately from the restart, Stenholm putting Juhana Jyrkiäinen through on goal who took a great first touch and tapped it in from close range. Then straight from the restart after the goal SoFo give the ball away Teittinen passes to Juhana Jyrkiäinen who puts it into the roof of the net, we went from losing, to winning all in 8 seconds.

Then a minute later Jyrkiäinen this time assisted the goal for Stenholm, 1 on 1 with the keeper and calmly scores it for a 4-2 lead. Jyrkiäinen was then all on his own with the goalie and could have scored his hat-trick but unselfishly passed it out to his right where Jaakko Laitinen scores into an empty net. A couple of minutes later and Jyrkiäinen finally gets his hat-trick, Majamaa hit his shot but it was cleared off the line, but  Jyrkiäinen was there to score the rebound, 6-2!

With just under two minutes to go, guess who scores?  Jyrkiäinen again, SoFo had taken their goalie out for the extra attacker and  Jyrkiäinen easily able to pass the ball into the net from distance. We did score one more goal, Torvinen was twisting and turning trying to get into the opposition defence and then takes a shot, the shot was going wide but luckily Teemu Sonne was at the back post to tap it in and complete a great win, 8-2!

I’m writing this on a Sunday which means we will also play in…. 37 minutes, we’re playing Tervarit which will be our biggest match so far, they are 1 point behind us in the league, KaDy are 2 points above us, we can possibly go top tonight, or possibly 3rd. Big game!


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