Ilves 4-1 Pelicans. 9000th goal

Massive 3 points! If we lost this then our season would be just about over, great way to start the new year.

Our first goal came at 7:55 a really easy one, Kivimäki passing to Michael Keränen who just turned from the side of the net and forced it passed the goalie who went down early, bad start for Pelicans. Our second goal also came in the first period, it was a goal from our Captain Martti Järventie (Kangasniemi, Kuronen) he showed skill coming in from the blue line, dodging passed one player taking the shot on to his back hand, the shot rebounded off a defender and fell straight back to him for an easy tap in right in front of the goaltender, 2-0 up after 15mins.

The second period was Pelican’s, they scored the only goal on a Kai Kantola penalty and of course it was a former Ilves player assisting, Markus Seikola (I used to love seeing that guy in our shirt) and eventually on to Vili Sopanen who back handed the puck into the top right hand corner, 2-1.

History was made at 43:37 when Jokipakka and Kantola assisted Matias Sointu in scoring Ilves’ 9000th goal, he struck it low and hard into the bottom left of the net from a fairly tight angle. The scoring wasn’t over as Ilves once again got an empty net goal to round off a great win, Kantola assisting Daniel Paille as the boston bruins man who had all the time in the world to coolly slot it in from just inside the area.

Next up for Ilves is a trip to face the Champions, JYP. That game is tonight, I don’t expect our win streak to continue, but anything we can get out of this game I’ll be delighted with, probably our best hope is that Pelicans will lose at home in their game vs Blues.

Kiitos Ilves!


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